• Our Promises

    Product warranty is for a period of five years and the life-long maintenance service.
    We'll arrive at the first time while getting the service phone. If has the occasion, we'll nake appointment to arrive yours on time, within the 24 hours, no matter at the work time or off-work time.
    Try our best to meet your all feasible needs.
    We'll patentionly to show and explain the products' assembly and disassembly.
    All products sold out by our company we'll provide the casual inspection and maintenance.
    Our saled-service characters: efficient, fast, complete fittings and skilled.
    We'll provide the paid service to the products that are not our company.


    During the warranty period, the condition of paid service as follows:

    Due to the damage occurred by the force majeure or natural phenomena.
    Due to improper operation, against the load bearing require to occur the fault or damage.
    Due to for the product reconstruct, decomposition, assembly to occur the damage.

    Please remember: no matter where you are, please call us, +86 10 6150 2578, and we'll be the first time to service you.

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