• Portable stacking racks are self-contained units. They consist of a base and removable posts or end frames. These may be entirely removable or attached with hinges or other folding or collapsing mechanisms. All of our racks are welded together from American made steel tubing. Just insert the post or frames into the base sockets and move with forklift or pallet jack. It can be stowed together.
    Removable Pallet Stacking Frame occupies a minimal space and is highly versatile. Pallet Stacking Frame The shelving rack container is ideal for use in stockpoint areas, and is a perfect compliment to conventional shelves.
    Occupies a minimal space and is highly versatile.
    Practical and quick to assemble and disassemble, permitting a quick and easy adaptation in storage areas.
    Can be used with store pallets, rolls, sacks and bags, packages, etc...
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