• Mobile compactor, mobile shelving storage, high density cabinet
    The concept of mobile shelving is to eliminate aisle space by compacting sections of shelving on a moveable carriage. The compact shelving or moveable filing storage systems are designed to store file folders, binders, multi-media, weapons, wardrobes, books and many various types of media. Moveable shelving system can increase storage capacity 300% in the same floor space over traditional filing systems. Either push a button or crank a handle to move the moveable units to the left or right to access the material on the shelves.
    Mechanically assisted systems are ideal for applications with moderate to heavy load factors. A number of basic safety systems are available to protect both users and stored materials.
    Powered mobile systems are available with a broad array of programmable functions and feature the best safety systems in the industry, providing efficiency for users and enhanced protection for stored materials.
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