• Drive-in Pallet Racking

    Highest Density Storage for Fast Moving SKUs
    Drive-in Pallet Racking is the lowest cost and most popular form of high density pallet racking. It can be serviced by a variety of forklifts including counterbalance and reach trucks.
    Drive-In racking requires operators to drive into the racking system from one side and remove pallets from the same entry point. Some Drive-In rack systems have a wall or are otherwise closed at the opposite end. Drive-In Rack Systems is LIFO inventory management. Product is rotated in a Last-In, First-Out inventory manner because of the single entry/exit point.
    The draw to a Drive-In rack system is its extremely efficient storage concentration. Pallets are stored back-to-back without aisles for exceptionally dense storage. This style system is an excellent solution for product that is not time or date sensitive, or for fast moving pallets that are rotated frequently.
    Beijing Longboyu offers many variations of Drive-in Racking with structural or roll formed product. The tapered arm or corbel piece allows pallets to slide easily into the bay. It has a tapered edge at the front entry point.
    Drive-In rack operators must be very careful not to damage the pallet racking. Because pallets are stored so densely and a driver must enter the pallet racking system with only a small clearance on either side, a Drive-In rack system must be checked for damage frequently. As soon as pallet rack damage is noticed it must be reported and properly repaired or replaced. A strict safety doctrine must be adhered to with a Drive-In rack system. So a protection pier is very necessary for drive-in racking system.
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