• Mezzanine Floor racking
    Do you need more space but dont want the hassle and expense of moving? Have you considered a Mezzanine Floor?
    Mezzanine floors are suspended or supported floors erected within a building which were not part of the original structure; they are free standing structures and are classed as temporary, enabling you to create additional work orstorage space , therefore a mezzanine flooring is the most cost effective solution to realising your building's potential, and can be designed to support normal office traffic, or heavy machinery for industrial use.
    mezzanine floor can give your business extra space without needing to find extra rent, heating costs or rates, and of course, you won't have the upheaval of relocation either.
    Mezzanine floors come with a choice of decking too, from a heavy duty particle board to plate steel or open steel grating, we can even install multi-tiered mezzanine flooring dependant on your needs, and will of course be compliant with current building regulations. Usually consist of upright, beam, shelves, deck, handrail and stair etc. Additional storage floors can be incorporated into the rack with walkways to allow pedestrian access for order picking. This maximizes all available headroom and is ideal for storing a wide variety of packaged goods for hand picking. It is the ideal solution for the utilizing of warehouse's height and space, also can accommodate sophisticated automated picking systems. Mezzanine systems are widely acceptable to automobile and logistics industry.
    6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Mezzanine Floor
    1. You will need to know how much additional floor space you require. This will enable the length and width of the floor to be calculated. If a single tier floor will not give you the additional floor area you require then you may want to consider a multi tier floor
    2. The floors primary function: The loading and deflection limits of the floor will be determined by its usage. A floor being used as retail sales space will differ from one being used to store heavy products in a storage system. At this time you should also consider how things might change in the future, it is expensive to replace a floor that is not strong enough should a change of use occur.
    3.The concrete floor that the mezzanine stands on is the base on which all the loads are supported. Advice should be sought about the capability of the building structure to sustain these loads: Particularly where the imposed loading is high, the spans in either direction are significant, or the slab has limited reinforcement. Your Project Manager can handle this for you using structural calculations or core sampling thereby ensuring that the mezzanine floor being provided is suitable for the concrete slab you already have.
    4. Clear head room under the floor C what will the area under the floor be used for? If it is to be used as offices, or retail sales space then you may want the area to have a feeling of space. If you are operating forklift trucks these may have to travel under the floor. A 3 metre clear height is common, but floors can have any clear height between 2 and 6 metres.
    5.Access C how will you get people, goods and equipment onto and off of the floor? If the floor will not be accessible from the existing building then some form of staircase will be required for people and maybe a goods lift or pallet gate for goods. Being a raised platform the floor will have a balustrade around its perimeter which will have to be considered when looking at how you will load and unload the floor if thats applicable.
    6.What accessories do you want? Apart from the things you must have for safety and operational reasons you may want to add other functionality or enhance the look of the floor. What type of handrail will you specify? Purely functional or something more stylish? What about your staircases C will they be a design feature with say glass panels or wooden hand rails? The options are really endless.
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