• Drawer type mold rack is mainly used for storage of all kinds of mould, which could be assembled with manual movable carriage on the top so as to easily take and retrieve the goods. The side rack was equipped with wheel rail on the bottom and the sliding shelf panel could be freely pulled out when loading. The middle type slide rack could carry less than 600KG/Layer, which is convenient for transport, and the assembly is simple and fast and this rack possesses better safety protection device. Special drawer type mold rack can be ordered.
    mold rack features:
    1, Drawer side easy to handle and spaces adjustable at ease;
    2, Provided with pulley and manual chain block for easy handling;
    3, Unified size and varied matches for connection at any place;
    4, Assembly-type components for easy assembly and disassembly;
    5, Each mould shelces can hold several moulds, easy to maintain, manage and identify moulds within min. Space.
    6.Drawer racking, it is used for storing the moulds, the customed sizes are available.
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