•   The recruitments information as below:
      A. Network marketing and electronic business personnel:
      Five job description:.
      Male or female, college degree or above, over 2 years of business work experience,   Sales, marketing professional,
      Develop and maintain the market, analysis and research area of target customers,   price, market development trend and   the strength of the competition,   and a comprehensive analysis of the corresponding measures, and feedback company,   responsible for the products sales and customer service, finish the task arranged by  company.
      1. Responsible for business discuss.
      2. Open-minded, flexible, understanding and well-expression.
      3. Work hard, careful, patient, responsible, professional dedication and   hardworking spirit.
      4. Have good professional ethics and work style, principle, has the good   communication and problem solving skill.
      B. Technique Directors£ºTwo
      Requirements: college degree or above, over   2 years work experience, Mechanical design professional.
      C. Tin benders£ºTen
       Requirements: over 2 years work experience.
      D. Fitters: Ten
      Requirements: over 2 years work experience.
      E. Welders£ºFive
      Requirements: over 2 years work experience. Welder's quality certificate.
      F. Workers of sandblasting and spraying: Each three
       Requirements: over 2 years work experience, fine quality sprayed, conscientious and   meticulous in work, good   professional ethics and strong teamwork.

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